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dream with big dreams

Posted on April 8, 2017 in Health

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dream with big dreams because if you do not want is not overpowering.

Dream big, you will not pay anything for your dreams.

“Dreaming does not pay taxes and does not obligate you to anything, so dream, thoughts attract reality and approach you in their wills.”

Smile, play, cry, kiss, die of love, feel, dream, cry and, above all, alive. The end is not always the end; life is not always real; the past has not always; this was not always and today is not always now.
Everything that goes around comes around, and come back is because it is made of love.

No matter the size of the dreams you have, dream a lot. Even if your dreams do not come true exactly as you wished, know that they will be realized in the way that God considered it: Better for you!!
The will is the man, but of God accomplish.

Life is made of moments; so forget the past, live the present and dream of the future.

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Dream what you want, provided it is steady as a rock … then you can make two choices: build something or shoot people.

Dream and think beyond the universe. Dream and think beyond your capacity.

Dream of life but not lose his life for a dream.
The feeling of life not being what we think, but we do.

Today’s dream can be true tomorrow. So, dream the best for you and stop thinking about the problems, even if they pursue you. They will never leave you, never give up dreaming!

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Dream and love life, but never lose your life for a dream of yours.

Falls asleep in my lap, and reminds me of waking you up, dream of peace, and all that can change.

Never stop dreaming, dream only if they perform-feast, celebrate, smile more if not conquer them do not be sad smile for you among many faced his dream and tried ….

Dream that dream neck is too much!!

Think of us, dream with us and imagine our victory in single and feelings;
Today my roses are black and felt the lack of taste;
I will not be so hard on my word or my heart;
But the more affectionate as I can myself;

Just believe it. Dream big. Short moderately. Be hopeful. Make plans and put into practice. Run back because you never know the last goodbye. Drop your smiles and show feelings.
Because you live temporarily in moments.

Dream of good boys healed, because the time of the angels has passed.

No matter the size of the dreams you have, dream a lot and always. Even if your dreams do not come true exactly as you wish, but know that they will be realized in the way God deemed it best for you.

Dream despite disappointments.
Fight, despite the barriers.
Take a chance, despite the risks.
Face it, despite the fear.
Feel, despite the pain.
Walk, despite the obstacles. &
First of all, believe in you.

Our lives die every day a little when we forget to love us. If you dream more, if you would like more, to love more … Allow yourself to cry, scream, laugh and smile more. Find yourself and let yourself find.

Dream as much as you can, and fight even when you want!

Who lives dream, the dreamer imagines, who imagines inspired.
So live, dream, imagine, and always seek inspiration.
For life is more than the eyes see and the heart feels!

Dream on, despite the illusions. Walk, despite the obstacles. Fight, despite the barriers and, above all, believe in yourself warrior because the battle has just begun and WAR never ends !.

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